DXRacer OH/FH08/NW

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Model DXRacer OH/FH08/NW
Brand DXRacer
Color Black, White
Cover PU
Chair height 50 to 53" (adjustable)
Armrests 3D Armrests (?)
Mechanism Conventional (?)
Base Black Aluminium
Casters 2" PU
Seat size 15"W(Front) x 12"W (Back) x 19"D
Seat height (from ground to seat) 14.5"W (Front) x 12.5"W (Back) x 17.75"D
Seat height (from ground to seat) 16.5" to 21"
Armrests height (from ground to armrests) 22" to 29"
Backseat height 32.25"
Backseat shoulder width 22.25"
Backseat type High-back
Adjustable back Yes (135°)
Suggested user's weight limit 180 lbs / 81.65 kg
Suggested user's height Up to 178 cm / 5 ft 10 in
Chair weight 49 lbs / 22 kg
Accessories included Lumbar cushion, headrest cushion
Frame warranty Lifetime
Parts warranty 2 years
Accessories warranty 1 year
DXRacer OH/FH08/NW

Actual sizing may slightly vary from the chart.

Question: Does it come with a lumbar and/or headrest cushion?

Answer: The F Series comes with a lumbar cushion and a headrest.


Question: How much weight can this chair support?

Answer: This chair is suggested for users up to 5'10" and up to 180 lbs.


Question: What is the difference between this chair and the other chairs of the F series?

Answer: The main features (conventional mechanism, adjustable armrests and size) are the same. The difference between the models is the cover, color, design and sometimes the base.
The FD (FD01, FD101, FD99 etc.) models have a nylon base while the FH (FH08, FH11, FH57 etc.) models have an aluminium base. The FD01, FD101 and FH11 have a fabric cover while the rest (FH08, FH57 and FD99) have a PU cover. The rest are the same (conventional mechanism, adjustable armrests and size).


Question: Is it possible to upgrade a part (such as the armrest) of this product?

Answer: Unfortunately, at the moment, it is not possible to upgrade or change the original parts of the chair.


Question: If this product is sold out, how long can it take before it gets back in stock?

Answer: This can depend on a variety of factors. Usually, an out-of-stock chair can take 1 to 3 weeks to restock. The best way to know when a chair is back in stock is to use the notification button on the product's page. This way, you are sure to not miss the next restock.


If you have any questions that were not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Elvis D.
DXRacer OH/FE08/NW I have been looking at DXRacer chairs for a long time after they caught my eye by professional gaming streamers and seeing them being used in professional e-sport events. It wasn't till one of my favorite streamers 'MaximusBlack' announced he was sponsored by Chairs4Gaming and gave a $30 promo code towards Chairs4Gaming product. I had to use this opportunity to my advantage and I ordered this chair immediately. The shipping was insanely quick as I ordered the chair on Wednesday and received the chair on the following Monday. The tracking of the product was quite pointless and I never really knew where or when my chair would arrive but then again the carrier was Canpar.... But you can't really complain about free shipping! Installation for the chair was quick and easy with the instructions and the tools given. I'd say the chair is recommended for people 5'8 and lower, I am around 5'6 and the chair is perfect for me. Now i'l go on to the pros and cons of the chair. The chair is extremely comfortable and ergonomic. It makes your back and body feel like your sitting correctly, so it would help people with back pain or to prevent it from occuring. The build quality is second to none, very sturdy and stable. It also has a life time warranty but you probably wont need it since the chair is built like a tank. The chair is notably eye catching and is even sexier in person. The reclining feature is probably the best thing about this chair in my opinion. Being able to lay back as far down as I want and relax (and possibly sleep) in a computer chair is a dream come true. The only thing i have against the chair is that I wished it could lift up a little higher as I feel its a little short even at the highest settings. All and all the chair is one of a kind and worth every cent I spent. I would recommend DXRacer chairs to anyone. Thank you Chairs4Gaming and DXRacer! :)

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