DXRacer OH/FH11/NP
I love my chair! makes gaming for several hours in a row comfortable! The only thing that could make this chair better would be softer arm rests. other than that I definitely would recommend this chair to other gamers!
- Kristina H.
DXRacer OH/RH110/NWB
The Drift [Racing] Series chair is great. It is the perfect height for someone my size (6'3"). The leather material is very sturdy and looks extremely sharp. The 3" wheels are spectacular, they roll like those of an executive Steelcase chair. The pillows are also a major benefit, as most companies charge upwards of $50 for each, while i got them both for free.
The only complaint i have is about the width and the seat itself. I have wider hips than most 6 ft tall people, so the raised, upward slanted seat sides make it a bit awkward when im sitting not directly in the middle of the seat.
All-in-all, I would totally justify spending another $400+ on another one of these chairs. It is the most comfortable and sturdy chair i have ever owned. Completely worth the money.
The company i purchased from (chairs4gaming.com) was very quick to ship the product, and it arrived before it was supposed to. They're communication during the entire process was on point.
- Richard W.
DXRacer OH/KB06/NB Review
DXRacer OH/KB06/NB
I would have never thought that this chair would ever come close to a herman-miller, but man was I wrong. This is a like a herman-miller for people who can't afford a herman-miller.
- Kevin C.
DXRacer OH/FH11/NR Review
DXRacer OH/FH11/NR
most comfortable chair on the market
- Stephen P.
DXRacer OH/FH08/NB Review
DXRacer OH/FH08/NB
most comfortable chair I've owned, period
- Stephen P.
DXRacer OH/RW106/NW Review
DXRacer OH/RW106/NW
the guideline for height and weight is perfect. This fixed my poor posture while using the computer.
- Logan I.
DXRacer OH/FH11/N Review
DXRacer OH/FH11/N
I can stream for hours without lower back or leg discomfort. I definitely recommend this chair. Only thing to consider would be the raised sides of the seat. If you have wide thighs it might squish them in a bit.
- Katherine F.
DXRacer OH/FD99/NR Review
DXRacer OH/FD99/NR
The chair fits like a glove, it is really nice and comfortable. I wish I would have bought one sooner than I did, because my back is never in pain anymore from sitting in the chair. I like the adjustability of the arm rests and the recline is amazing as well. I would DEFINITELY recommend someone to get a DXRacer if they are looking for a affordable gaming chair.
- Carlton A.
DXRacer OH/FH08/NW Review
DXRacer OH/FH08/NW
This chair is incredible. It's not only comfortable but helps me truly relax. I use this chair for studying more than I do for gaming but since both activities require long periods of sitting, I see no difference in getting a chair like this for either purpose. I just wanted to give a shout out and thank you to Nathanias for telling me about chairs4gamig during several of his streams.
- Fred G.
DXRacer OH/FH08/NP Review
DXRacer OH/FH08/NP
While this was one of the two chairs I have purchased. This chair is incredible while I didn't like the lumbar support pillow I did however like the neck pillow. It is very soft compared to the other chair I purchased. The back of the chair is not as soft as expected but the pillow makes up for that and the bottom of the chair is delightfully soft. I would purchase again.
- William L.
DXRacer OH/RW106/NR Review
DXRacer OH/RW106/NR
I really like the feel and comfort of the chair. My only complaint is that I wish it would lock into different reclined positions. Other than that, I would recommend this chair.
- Jonathan A.
DXRacer OH/IB11/NR Review
DXRacer OH/IB11/NR
I had two concerns width and bottom seat cushion. The width is wide enough to fit my broad-shouldered frame but not too wide and not so narrow that I can't sit comfortably. The seat cushion is hard with enough softness to make you feel comfortable but to ensure that you will not be sitting on the frame/screws. I am very glad I made the purchase.
- Jonathan C.
DXRacer OH/RB1/NE Review
Delivery was quicker than I was told.
- Anthony B.
DXRacer OH/WY0/NR Review

My delivery came in QUICK! everything went so smoothly! Very easy to put together and extremely comfortable! Highly satisfied with the chair and service!

- Justin C.
DXRacer OH/WY0/NB Review
Best chair I've sat in a long time! I've had $400+ Name Brand Office chairs, but man does this DX Racer Chair I purchased from Chairs 4 Gaming make long gaming sessions so much more enjoyable and on top of that comfortable! :)
- Clifford Z.
Heavy Duty Task Chair Black Fabric Review
Heavy Duty Task Chair Black Fabric
Great chair so far, no complaints!
- Shane H.
DXRacer OH/CE120/NW/FT Review
DXRacer OH/CE120/NW/FT
I have had chair issues for YEARS!!! And this chair fits me like a glove. I haven't had back problems since I got this chair and OMG!! I love it!! ONLY regret is I didn't buy this sooner!
- Joel W.
DXRacer OH/RE0/NB Review
I am a tall 6' 1 1/2", and a slender kid. The XL chairs were just to wide for me, so I ordered the DXRacer OH/RFO/NB. The chair is very comfortable, but it could use a longer seat area (my leg extends 10" over the end of the seat). And, assembly could be better (had difficulty with getting parts to fit properly, we did, but it was frustrating). Overall, I am very happy with the chair. My dad is even looking at getting one for his office.
- Elizabeth C.
DXRacer OH/RE0/NW Review
My DXRacer Chair Rocks
I just bought a DXRacer OH/RF8/NW after much research and thought, and it surpasses my every expectation. I have owned more expensive task chairs and less expensive task chairs and presently am very pleased with my decision to buy this DXRacer. Great service and delivery from chairs4gaming. Overall great build and very very comfortable. Would I recommend it? Absolutely! My son is a Pro Gamer and I'm thinking about buying him one.
- Arthur W.
DXRacer OH/TB29/NW Review
DXRacer OH/TB29/NW
Absolutely love the chair. Im a big fellar but not 500 lbs. I can recline conpletely back and lounge without worry of chair failing. It super stout. Very wide too. I actually assembled it in my living room and went to roll it down the hallway to my room and it wouldnt fit. So i had to knock the base off before i could move it in the room
- Josh C.

DXRacer OH/RE0/NE Review


I love this chair, its by far the most comfortable chair i have ever sat in! Its even better than my parents Lazyboy chairs! I would buy it again in a heartbeat!
- Grady P.
DXRacer OH/RE0/NB Review
The chair is great. More than met expectations. Very comfortable
- Raffaele T.
DXRacer OH/FD01/NE Review
DXRacer OH/FD01/NE
Very pleased with the chair. Easy to put together and comfortable. Great gaming chair on a "budget".
- Angus G.
DXRacer OH/FD01/NE Review
DXRacer OH/FD01/NE
i love this chair after sitting in a plain wood chair for so long my back finally stopped hurting constantly thanks to this dx racer chair worth the money
- James T.
DXRacer OH/CE120/NW/FT Review
DXRacer OH/CE120/NW/FT
I'm a very broad, stocky guy. This chair handles me very well. I've fallen asleep in it multiple times.
- Adam W.
DXRacer OH/DF73/NW Review
DXRacer OH/DF73/NW
Was having back and neck problems due to being in an office chair with only a half back, so the fill back with headrest has alleviated quite a bit of pain.
- Andrea W.
DXRacer OH/FD01/NE Review
DXRacer OH/FD01/NE
Chair is great! Problem is and I knew this going in is that the chair is a Lil too small for my ass. 275lb waist size 40ish so if you have close to my measurements might wanna skip over the F series and go for the king. I do sit in it fine now but it did take time to adjust to the smugness. My thighs don't hit the arms or anything it's the design of the seat, the wings are uncomfortable. But if you are my size, really want a DX, and are on a budget this will work if you are patient you get use to it. For you skinny ass's out there here's e your chair you'll love it! 
- Kurtis C.
DXRacer OH/RH110/NWB Review
DXRacer OH/RH110/NWB
easy to assemble. heavy, which makes it harder to put together, but is a plus for sturdiness. This chair is a beast!
- Tyler P.
DXRacer OH/FH11/NC Review
DXRacer OH/FH11/NC
I bought this chair as a gift for my son for Christmas. He says it is his favorite gift this Christmas.
- Michael S.
DXRacer OH/FE11/NO Review
DXRacer OH/FH11/NO
Chair is awesome, well made, and easy to assemble. Shipping was timely. It made for an incredible gift!

- Holly G.
DXRacer OH/RH110/NWR Review
DXRacer OH/RH110/NWR
Shipping took 2 days and the order arrived perfect dont get any better chair than these.
- Gerald G. 
DXRacer OH/RH110/NWR
Super comfortable
- Christian E. 
DXRacer OH/RH110/NWB
I bought this chair after my old chair became all worn and torn and I can say that Its the best chair I've ever known.
- Andrew R. 
DXRacer OH/RH110/NWR
This chair is amazing
Buy one.. If you're thinking about getting one, do it.
- Kyle B. 
DXRacer OH/RV118/NBW
Excellent it's the most comfortable chair I have owned. And chairs 4 gaming has the best customer service, I received my chair in one day with free shipping.
- Gentry W. 
DXRacer OH/FH11/NE
I recently purchased an FE11 chair for my wife. She is pregnant and has been having back problems using her old chair. She's now been using the DXRacer for a few weeks and her back pain is gone. This is her gaming and work chair and she loves. I'll be picking one up for myself soon.
- James B. 
The chair is great for posture and sitting straight and being productive or focused, but if you want to lay back and enjoy a movie, it's not the softest chair. Just like a bucket chair in a car keeps your focused to drive, this chair keeps you focused for gaming, lol. The racing series is a bit narrow in the leg area, even though the sides are lowered for you to spread your legs, resting on the sides doesn't feel comfortable. Although the chair felt a bit restricting at first, I'm gotten use to it over the last 2 weeks, and feel that it's pretty comfortable after it's conformed to my shape a bit. The parts were a bit dusty while opening, and the left arm rest had a small scratch on the rubber, but no biggy. The build quality is great, the chair seems like it'll last longer than the 3 year I normally get out of the office chairs I get from office max. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase.
- David H. 
DXRacer OH/CE120/N/FT
Ahmed was great very helpfull.
- David Y. 
DXRacer OH/FH00/NW
Easy Ordering Process
Chair was brand new and there was no sales tax in my state. I recommend this site.
- Justin P.