DXRacer OH/IS132/N

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The Iron Series is a larger version of the design of the Drifting series. Beautiful merge class and gaming, this style is perfect for gamers looking for comfort while keeping a professional design.
  • Free lumbar cushion and headrest pillow included
  • Adjustable backseat and armrests
  • Strong mesh (Fabric) cover
  • Perfect for users up to 250 lbs (113 kg)
  • Fits users up to 185 cm (6'1")
  • High density mould shaping foam

The Chairs4Gaming Difference

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Model DXRacer OH/IS132/N
Brand DXRacer
Color Black
Cover Strong Mesh
Chair height 51 to 54" (adjustable)
Armrests 4D Armrests (?)
Mechanism Multi-functional (?)
Base Black Aluminium
Casters 3" PU
Seat size 16"W (Front) x 13.5"W (Back) x 20"D
Seat height (from ground to seat) 19" to 22"
Armrests height (from ground to armrests) 26" to 32"
Backseat height 33"
Backseat shoulder width 22"
Backseat type High-back
Adjustable back Yes (135°)
Suggested user's weight limit 250 lbs / 113.4 kg
Suggested user's height Up to 185 cm / 6 ft 1 in
Chair weight 64 lbs / 29 kg
Accessories included Free lumbar cushion and headrest pillow
Frame warranty Lifetime
Parts warranty 2 years
Accessories warranty 1 year
DXRacer OH/IS132/N

Actual sizing may slightly vary from the chart.

Question: Does it come with a lumbar and/or headrest cushion?

Answer: Yes. The I Series comes with a lumbar cushion and a headrest pillow.


Question: How much weight can this chair support?

Answer: This chair is suggested for users up to 6'1" and up to 250 lbs.


Question: What is the difference between this chair and the other chairs of the I series?

Answer: Beside the colors and design, there is no difference in size or parts between the I series chairs. Please note that some models (the ones ending with "/FT") have an integrated footrest as shown in the pictures.


Question: Is it possible to upgrade a part (such as the armrest) of this product?

Answer: Unfortunately, at the moment, it is not possible to upgrade or change the original parts of the chair.


Question: If this product is sold out, how long can it take before it gets back in stock?

Answer: This can depend on a variety of factors. Usually, an out-of-stock chair can take 1 to 3 weeks to restock. The best way to know when a chair is back in stock is to use the notification button on the product's page. This way, you are sure to not miss the next restock.


If you have any questions that were not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

George K.
Bottom line up front: DxRacer has a good product that I think is one of the best office/gaming chairs you can buy for around $400, but they've got some serious QC issues so don't expect it to be perfect straight out of the box. Now for the full review... First off, after a great deal of online research, I bought the Iron series and it's a good chair. I like sitting in it and it's 100x better for my back than anything else I've tried that's below the level of a Steelcase Leap or Herman Miller Aeron. Its very solid and feels like its going to last a long time. The 4D arm rests are awesome (not as good as a Leap, but great for the price) and while the top of the arm rests does wobble, it doesn't really bother me when I'm working or gaming. I had read some reviews saying that leaning back was uncomfortable becuase the spring is very tight, but honestly the tension feels perfect for my size and weight (6ft, 190lbs). The back is about an inch wide for my frame, but not uncomfortably so. On the downside, DxRacer could use some work on their quality control and packaging. The box was practically falling apart when I received it and the contents are not braced well inside - The two steel bars that attach the seat to the back were actually bent (twisted a little) and (after attaching the back) I had to have a friend hold the bottom of the chair while I twisted on the back to get it to sit straight. There was also a bit of the seat cover that was either torn or not sewn down properly, so I could see the white foam underneath on the front left corner. A few minutes with a needle and black thread fixed the problem, but it was pretty disappointing to have to do this on a new $430 chair. Having read a bunch of reviews online, it's worth noting that these sorts of issues seem to be really common, so buyer beware if you're not willing to tolerate scratches, misalignment, and other imperfections.
Stephen L.
I installed the foot pedal plates in the wrong order and now it's permanently stuck that way. Also, the side plastic clips that attach to the flanks of the back portion seemed flimsy when smacking them down and into fit.

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