Using Bitcoin to purchase a gaming chair

As some of you already know, Chairs4Gaming have been accepting bitcoins as a payment for almost 4 years now. During the checkout process, when asked for your credit card information, you will have the option to pay via bitcoin. It's an easy and secure way to get yourself a new DXRacer gaming chair with the current high value of bitcoin.


DXRacer bitcoin

There is no fee for paying with bitcoins and you can still enjoy the free shipping we offer!

We use BitPay as our payment processor for bitcoin transactions. Since it's Bitcoin we're talking about, it doesn't matter if you have an online or offline wallet. You can just follow up the checkout process as usual and in the payment page, you will be able to select Bitcoin and follow the instructions on how to pay.

Here is a video showing how to pay with bitcoins. Even though the example uses Steam, it is the same steps for any website including Chairs4Gaming: