Tips to identify a genuine DXRacer

A question we often get and see on public forums is if a chair is a genuine or fake DXRacer. As a gaming chair retailer opened since 2013, we've seen hundreds of different models and we can recognize most of them at this point. Sometimes, we see models that were never available in North America, but we can still confirm if it's a genuine chair or not using these following tips. If you purchased your gaming chair through an authorized retailer like Chairs4Gaming, then you are assured that your chair is genuine. However, if you purchased your DXRacer from a third-party (classified ads, eBay etc.), it is best to use the following tips to make sure you bought a legitimate product.


DXRacer Tag

DXRacer Genuine tag


In most cases, DXRacer chairs have a tag of their series on their seat as shown in the picture above. Although sometimes it's hard to see right away, the tag should be on either side of the seat. The tag can contain the following words (name of each series):


  • - Big Boy or Boss
  • Classic
  • Drifting
  • Elite
  • Formula
  • Iron
  • King
  • Maximum
  • Racing
  • Sentinel or Spacious
  • Tank
  • Ultimate
  • Valkyrie
  • Wide or Work

If you don't have a tag on the chair, no worries. Some models didn't have a tab but are still genuine. 


Serial number

DXRacer Serial number

Under all DXRacer chairs, there is a serial number engraved that starts with "PI". In some cases, it may be written on a sticker, but it will still be placed under the seat. The serial number should be the same as on the one on the shipping box used to ship the chair. The numbers after "PI" indicate the production date. This can be useful if you planning to buy a used chair. If the serial number shows "PI20130331", but the seller claims it is a chair purchased in 2018, then you are sure that the chair is older than advertised.

Important to note that the production date doesn't mean it was sold during that same period. Sometimes, there can be a difference of 1-2 years between the production date and the date of purchase.

If you're not able to locate the serial number, you can remove the mechanism under the seat since it may obstruct the engraved number.

The other stickers placed under the seat and start with "SP" are simply the part number of each part. The serial number is always long and starts with "PI", no exception.


Branded cushions

Branded DXRacer cushions


All DXRacer chairs come with 2 cushions (except the Boss and Classic series). Usually, the headrest/neck cushion has the DXRacer logo embroidered on it and the lumbar cushion has the name of the series. In some cases, both cushions will have "DXRacer". However, in no circumstance, a genuine DXRacer chair will come with blank cushions or no cushions at all.


Packaging box

DXRacer Packaging


All DXRacer products are shipped in branded strong boxes and well packaged. If you received a chair in an unmarked box, we recommend checking with your seller to confirm that the product you received is genuine. The box usually provides a lot of useful information, such as the model number of the product (starts with "OH") and the serial number of the chair.


Obviously, the best solution would be to purchase your next DXRacer from an authorized dealer like Chairs4Gaming. All our products are genuine and come with a lifetime warranty on frame and 2-year warranty on parts.

We understand that you may come across a great deal in classified ads. If it's the case, following these simple tips will help you make sure the product you're buying is genuine.

If you're still not sure if a product is fake or real, don't hesitate to send us an email.


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