Make your gaming chair last longer with these tips!

Buying a gaming chair is an investment and it is why it's important to properly maintain and clean it to make sure it last as long as possible.

To make it easier to read, we separated this post in 2 sections. The first one is how to maintain a gaming chair with PU/Vinyl leather and the second one is for chairs with fabric covers.

In this article, we'll only be using common household goods and no specific products made for cleaning covers. Obviously, you can find products that can clean and repair a broken cover in retail stores. However, if your chair doesn't show any damages or cracks, these tips should be good enough to maintain the longevity of the cover.


PU/Vinyl leather (faux-leather) 

This is the type of cover that is used on most gaming chairs. The main advantage of this cover type is how easy it is to clean and maintain compared to fabric or real leather covers.

We recommend cleaning the cover of the chair every 5 or 6 months with a wet cloth, preferably microfiber cloth. Considering the size of the chair, this should take less than 45 seconds every time you clean the cover. 

If you have spots where a stain is hard to remove with only water, you may want to try a little bit of dish soap, warm water and a microfiber cloth. Gently rub the stain spot, then with another wet cloth, clean the surface from any soap residues. Leaving the soap on the cover may cause discoloration or damages.


Fabric cover

Fabric covers are a little harder to maintain since dust and stains can get in the fabric itself.

If possible, vacuum the surface of the cover every 4 to 6 months, especially if you have animals. The deeper the dust gets, the harder it will become to clean it. Although not always visible to the naked eye, a chair can release a lot of dust when sitting down, especially after a few years if it was not cleaned properly.

If the chair has a stain, you can use the same technique as we suggested for faux-leather covers: warm water with a little bit of dish soap. However, since it's cloth, you will have to dab the cloth, not rub it. To make sure the color of the cover will not be affected, we recommend you try to the solution (warm water and dish soap) on a small hidden surface, like under the seat, to make sure it will not affect the color of the cover. That way, if it does, at least it will only affect a small part under the seat instead of sitting area.


Although these tips may sound simple, they can be really effective in keeping the chair in great condition for years. You can also buy some products made specifically for chairs and sofas. Unfortunately, at the time of this article, Chairs4Gamnig doesn't sell maintenance products, but they can easily be found in popular retail stores.