How long a DXRacer can last?

At Chairs4Gaming, we wanted to answer that popular question since no official answer is available at the moment. Although it's not possible for any company to predict how long a furniture can last, we will do our best to answer that question based on our experiences.


The price paid doesn't mean it will last longer

We often hear that the more you pay, the more a product will last. It may be true in some cases, but it's not the case for our gaming chairs. The main reason is that the price is based on the features on a chair and it size. A cheaper price tag means that it's probably smaller than another model or has less features. It doesn't mean that the quality is not as good as the more expensive DXRacer. 

In all gaming chairs from DXRacer, no mater the price, they are all have a full steel frame and high density foam. The foam does change from models to models but it's mostly to be able to support more weight, not to last longer. The foam used inside these chairs is made to not lose it shape even if it's used daily for years.


 You can use these chairs daily (8h+) and it will still last for years

The first chair ever used at our office was assembled a little over 3 years ago at the time of this blog post. It has been used as the main chair for one of the members of our team since then. It has been used for at least 8h per day and it still looks and feel brand new. There is no "sinking" as we often see in 1-2 years old. The cover is not peeling off and the armrests are still in great shape. Here is a picture showing the chair we are referring to:

3 years old DXRacer
DXRacer D series that has been used for 8h+ for 3 years and a few months

Please note that the picture has been taken with an iPhone and no professional lighting or Photoshop. 


Our warranty is known to be among the bests

Most of the time, we often get caught up on the price tag and we do not fully compare what type of after-sale service we get. It is an important part of the process since if you plan to pay 300-$600 for a product, you should expect a good after-sale support. Some other brands are cheaper, but the warranty has also less coverage and do not last as long as ours.

When you buy any DXRacer from Chairs4Gaming, here is the warranty and after-sale support you can expect:

  1. Lifetime warranty on frame
  2. 2-year warranty on parts
  3. Warranty claims are process by us
  4. Warranty claims are processed within 1 to 2 days
  5. Live chat and email support (replies are sent within 12h)
  6. 5-star customer service reviews


Your experience may vary

While most of our products are still in perfect shape even after 3-5 years, it is not always the case. In some cases, a chair (no matter the brand or quality) can be in a bad shape within 2 years. It depends on a few factors but here are the most common ones that make a chair go bad fast:

  • Animal claws
    • If you have animals that like to claw on your furniture, you may want to avoid PU/PVC covers since they are easier to rip than Fabric covers
  • Eating/Drinking
    • Everyone does it and it's not a big deal. However, it would be best to go with a PU/PVC/Vinyl cover since it's easier to clean than Fabric.
  • Hot office/room
    • If your office or room gets really hot easily, the cover may start to peel off after 3-4 years. It would be best to go with a fabric cover if that is the case.
  • Not going for the chairs made for you