Perfect gaming chairs for teenagers/kids (8-15 years old)

With so many gaming chairs available, it is surprising to find out that not many of them are built for teenagers or kids. Although most chairs fit smaller people, discomfort may be experienced after a few hours for a few reasons:

  • - Armrests too far apart
  • - Seat "digging" into the back of the knees caused by the depth of the chair
  • - Seat too high, can't touch the ground

If you're experiencing this issue or looking for a solution for a teenager still growing, look no more:

Arozzi Verona Junior

Arozzi Verona Junior RedArozzi Verona Jr BlueArozzi Verona Junior White


Its small size is made to support growing users between 8 to 15 years old. The adjustable armrests and backseat make it easy to adjust for different body types.
  • - Free lumbar cushion and headrest pillow included
  • - Adjustable backseat and armrests
  • - PU cover (faux-leather)
  • - Perfect for users up to 130 lbs (59 kg)
  • - Fits users up to 150 cm (4'11")

The pleather is easy to clean and is perfect considering kids are known to eat while watching videos or playing games. The 2-direction armrests make it easier to find the perfect adjustment depending on the usage (using a controller vs using the keyboard for example). The standard mechanism allows adjusting the height of the seat, but also the tilt tension and tilt. Unfortunately, on this model, it is not possible to lock the tilt and an angle, but rocking back and forth is possible.

The chair comes with 2 free cushions that can be removed and adjusted at any time. The Arozzi Jr also comes with a 2-year warranty on parts and frame.

This model is available in 4 different colors: Black, Blue, Red and White

At the moment, this model is the only gaming chair available in the market made for growing teenagers and kids. Hopefully, we'll have more chairs specifically designed for 8 to 15 years old in the future.


Leave us a comment if you have any questions regarding this new gaming chair.