Which gaming chair is best suited for bigger bodies?

With gaming chair companies gearing their products towards their larger demographics, just like in clothes, sometimes the bigger person gets forgotten. Have no fear, there might not be as many options for you, but there are some chairs that may just work out. 


DXRacer Tank Series: Largest Chair with the Reputation to Back it Up.DXRacer Tank series

This chair is massive. The suggested weight on the chair is 425 lb (seat size 17.5”W x 20”D), but it can hold a lot of weight with its heavy-duty mechanism supporting the chair. This chair is also very tall; it can support users up to 6’7. It also does not lack anything that DXRacer has to offer as it has 4-Direction armrests, 3-inch casters and their high-end base. The make of the chair is top of the line for gaming chairs and it comes with a lifetime warranty on frame and 2-year warranty on parts, for $599 (free shipping included)

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Ewin Flash XL Series: High Quality, Highly Underrated

Ewin Flash XL

The Ewin Flash XL Series is another large chair that is able to support 350 pounds. The seat size 22”W x 22.8”D, which is larger than the DXRacer Tank series. The chair is good for users up to 6’5 (Backseat height 37.8”). The Flash XL series also offers 4-Direction armrests and 3-inch casters. It also has a very cool diamond design on the back that makes the chair look more professional. This chair is very comparable to DXRacer, but is quite a bit cheaper at only $469 USD.

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Techni Sport TSXXL2 : Best Price

Techni Sport TSXXL2

The TSXXL comes in at a little smaller bucket then competitors (22”W x 19”D), however, the chair has bowed out ends rather than something like the Tank Series, where both sides of the bucket bow up. The backseat height is slightly shorter (34.5”), but can still help people in the 6’3 range. This chair is really good if you fit right in between there. It’s not the biggest gaming chair, but it still is larger than most. At $429 with free shipping included, it becomes the cheapest large sized chair option.

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AKRacing Max Series: Great features, great design

AKRacing Max Series

The AKRacing Max is a great big and tall gaming chair. It's unique design and style are a great option for users below 6'7" and up to 350 lb. As the other large gaming chair, the Max series also offers 4-direction armrests and a multi-functional mechanics, which is not that common for XL gaming chairs. Available in different colors, it's a great option for users looking for a gaming seat without the "wings" on the side of the seat, which gives more room for your legs and thighs.

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As you can see, you do have some options when it comes to XL gaming chairs. If you want the biggest available, the DXRacer Tank series is the best option. If you're looking for a budget-friendly gaming chair made for larger bodies, the Techni Sport TSXXL2 is the best alternative. The best ratio of quality and price would be the Ewin Flash XL series.

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