DXRacer vs Ewin (2020 comparaison)

DXRacer is a world-known name when it comes to gaming chairs. They've been established for years and competition is now stronger than ever. We often get asked which brand is best, but it's truly difficult to answer that question since each brand has its own pros and cons.

Ewin started to get momentum in the past few years and is now a solid contender to major brands, including DXRacer. They've been in business for years and have a solid understanding of the industry. Their 10-year warranty on frame and great reviews online speak for themselves.

In this post, we're going to compare different aspects of DXRacer and Ewin. Although it's difficult to compare them considering they sell different types of gaming chairs, we're going to compare aspects that are available across their whole catalog, no matter the model.



DXRacer Racing Series (RV131)


  • Prices start at $289
  • 35 models available with multiple color options
  • Unique and colorful designs
  • Fabric and leatherette covers available
  • Include 1x lumbar cushion and 1x headrest pillow


  • 2-year warranty on parts
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • Vast choices available: Multiple designs and colors available
  • Standard models and X-Large models available
  • Thousands of 5-star reviews online



  • Price is higher than other brands
  • Some models are overbranded (multiple logos on the front)


Ewin Champion Series (CPF)


  • Prices start at only $199
  • 26 models available with multiple color options
  • Minimalistic designs available if you're not looking for something too flashy
  • Fabric and leatherette covers available
  • Include 1x lumbar cushion and 1x headrest pillow


  • Cheaper priced items than most brands
  • 2-year warranty on parts and a 10-year lifetime warranty on frame
  • Unique colors available (gold, orange, grey heather etc.)
  • Unique wheel design (hub-less) compared to other brands



  • Limited models selection compared to DXRacer
  • Doesn't have 4-direction armrests on all models


How they compare to each other

As you probably noticed in the previous section, each brand has its own pros and cons. Nothing major stands out since they're both great brands selling well-made products. Both Ewin and DXRacer chairs come with a great warranty that sets the tone on the longevity of their products. The main difference between the 2 is the price point. DXRacer has a higher price point due to a few factors, including the brand name. Their brand has been in the industry for years now and it's well known worldwide. DXRacer gaming chairs are often featured on TV or at esports events. On the other hand, Ewin is a lesser-known brand, although the quality is still really close to DXRacer's. Their price point starts at a lower price ($199) compared to DXRacer ($289).

Otherwise, there are no major factors between the 2 brands that can make the decision easier. The reality is: Go with the design and color that you prefer, without considering the brand. Considering their product quality is similar and that the warranty is great on both sides, no matter the gaming chair brand you'll buy, they will most likely last for +5 years if well maintained. 


Which one should I get, DXRacer or Ewin?

The short answer is if you're on a budget, but still want a good quality product, go with Ewin. If you would like to have a better-known brand with a lifetime warranty on frame, DXRacer is the answer.

As previously mentioned, both brands are great. If budget isn't a concern to you, we recommend considering both brands and go with the model and color that you prefer. Simple as that. They're both really similar in quality and features, thus you're not sacrificing much by going with one or the other.

Some prefer to go with world-renown brands and if it's your case, DXRacer can't be beaten.