Here is a simple explanation on what the name of DXRacer chairs means. The name is coded in a way that may help you understand a few important details on a chair. On our website, all products have a summarized description and also a detailed tab with all the info about each chair. The only thing that is not explained is the name of the chairs, which may look random and meaningless at first glance.


Name used in this article as an example: OH/RV131/NR

1st part: OH/

All DXRacer gaming chairs made for PC start with "OH/". If you're looking at other categories, they may start with "GD/" (desk) or something else. 


2nd part: /RV131/

The second part represents the series and the model name of the chair. The first letter of the second part always represents the name of the series. In this case, it starts with "R" which means that the chair is part of the Racing series. If the model was "OH/FH08/NE", it would mean that the chair is part of the Formula series and so on. 

The letters afterwards represents the set of parts and design pattern. In this case, if we look at other model with "RV131" in the name, we quickly notice that they have the exact same size, features and design. The only thing that changes is the color. Here are the models used in this example side by side to better see the similarities:

 DXRacer OH/RV131/NR  DXRacer OH/RV131/NB  DXRacer OH/RV131/NO

3rd part: NR

The last part is the color code of the chair. Each color that is used in the design has a letter code.

B: Blue

C: Coffee/Brown

E: Green

G: Gray

I: Indigo

N: Black

O: Orange

P: Pink

R: Red

V: Violet

W: White

Y: Yellow


In this example, the last part of the name shows that the chair has 2 colors: Black and red

One thing to note is that the first letter always represents the primary color. Most of the time of the time, the 3rd part of the name will always start with "N" because black is usually the primary color. In some rare cases, the 3rd part starts with another letter like on the OH/FD99/NE shown in the picture bellow:

DXRacer OH/FD99/EN

The last part of this model's name is "EN" which means that the primary color is Green, then black.


This covers everything you need to know about the names of the DXRacer gaming chairs. If you have any questions about this article, please do not hesitate to contact us.