Chairs4Gaming impersonators

In the past few weeks, we noticed a lot of impersonators trying to copy our website and branding. We wanted to address this because some websites even copied our logo.


Chairs4Gaming impersonatorLeft side shows the real logo of Chairs4Gaming. The right side shows a logo used by another website impersonating Chairs4Gaming.


We wanted to make sure that our visitors are not confused by this since these other websites may try to advertise their product as Chairs4Gaming or a Chairs4Gaming affiliated website. 

We do not sell on other websites beside major marketplaces such as Amazon.

At Chairs4Gaming, we are taking copyright infringements seriously. We are taking necessary actions to make sure that our clients are protected against impersonators

If you bought a product from another website thinking it was Chairs4Gaming, please let us know so we can better assist you.