Best gaming chair for tall person

Finding the perfect gaming chair is already a hard task. Now imagine if you're taller than 6'2", it gets even harder. Once gaming chairs were first introduced on the market, companies didn't provide "XL models" for their users.

Fortunately for us, as the popularity of gaming chairs rose, manufacturers are starting to create larger models of their original design. Basically, they are the same as the original models, but with a higher maximum weight and maximum height capacity. Luckily for you, we got them on our site!

Modern gaming chairs should be accessible to everyone despite their height and weight. We believe that every PC user should be able to experience the ultimate gaming chair experience while playing their favorite video game or working on their PC.

Companies like DXRacer and AKRacing are some of the popular brands of gaming chairs for a tall user. As you might expect, these "big and tall gaming chairs" cost a little bit more than their standard models, but they still come at an affordable price.

DXRacer chairs

Before we go into the depth of our article, here are a couple of tips when looking for a suitable gaming chair for taller people:

Max height/Max Weight: Of course, this is the main point of our article. Very important to read this part when purchasing a gaming seat. Usually, you will find this in our "Specs" tab on the product's page. Once again, it is a crucial part when shopping for a gaming chair. It is important to purchase a chair that is made for your body type to avoid any bad surprises once the chair arrives. Going with a smaller chair may cause some discomfort on the shoulders and thighs because of the wings of the backseat and seat.

The Frame: Another key point to look at. A cheap quality gaming chair usually comes with a hard plastic frame, which can be OK for smaller weight. However, if you want a chair that can support more weight, you need a solid frame. Steel frames are the best option because they are very solid and long-lasting. In our store, all our gaming chairs are made of steel frame. You don't have to worry about the solidity of the frame when buying from us.

Additional Padding: Again, a feature that you can find on XL models. The bigger the person is, the more padding they might need to feel comfortable. Additional padding on the backrest and the seat offers proper support to balance their weight and height. In some cases, a chair may not necessarily have more padding, but it may have a foam with a higher density than smaller models. This prevents the seat to "sink in" after a few hours like we usually see in regular office chairs.

Wide seat area: This part might be forgotten when shopping for a gaming chair, but it is essential. Usually, manufacturers think about this section, but it is still your job to read all of the information before the purchase. Having a broader seat will offer more room for your legs, resulting in more comfort for its users. It also can help you sit in your favorite position such as cross legged or with one leg up.

Reviews: Reviews and comments are always an excellent way to see what others think about a particular chair, what they liked about it and what they disliked. It can give you a good idea about a specific product. On our website, when looking at a product, you can read the reviews from our clients. Some of the reviewers even list their height and weight. This can be a good reference point if you are not sure if the chair is right for you. In doubt, we are always available to help you find what is the best chair for you.

Warranty: An important point that is often overlooked. The warranty is a crucial part when buying a gaming chair. No product is perfect. Each of our models has a fantastic warranty. Depending on the brand, the warranty will change, so keep a look when shopping for a specific gaming seat. Some "no-name" chairs may be cheaper, but only offer a 30-day warranty. This is important to note since most premium brands we sell offer at least a 2-year warranty on parts.

Editor's Pick: The big winner here is the DXRacer Tank Series (6 models available). In addition to being very comfortable and ergonomic, this model can support up to 425 lbs (192 kg) and up to 6'7" (200 cm). It comes with a lifetime warranty on frame and 2-year warranty on parts. Since its release, it is still the biggest gaming chair available in the market.

Now that we completed our small question guide, we present to you our top picks for the best gaming chair for tall people.


Top gaming chairs for tall person


DXRacer OH/SJ00/NR $479.00 + Free Shipping!

Let's start our list with a very popular series amongst the DXRacer brand: The Sentinel series. By reading the name, it gives us an idea that this chair is going to be a big one. A perfect fit for our article! This model offers a sleek and sophisticated look which will match with nearly any gaming setup you can possibly think of.

Like many DXRacer chairs, this one comes with a free lumbar and headrest cushion, a cool little bonus to add even more comfort to the chair. The OH/SJ00/NR model is ergonomically designed to support their users for many, many gaming hours. 

DXRacer OH/SJ00/NR

This model can support to a maximum of 325 LBS ( 147.42 kg ), which is amazing compared to other models. For the maximum height, it is even more mind-blowing, 6 ft 6 in ( 198 cm ). Yes you read that right. While most standards gaming chair support around 6 ft, this model is specifically designed for tall people.

As you may expect, DXRacer gaming chairs offer a multitude of functions for their users. The high backrest area can recline from 90 degrees to 120 degree. Perfect for watching movies or simply taking a nap. The armrests are adjustable as well, 4 adjustable directions to be exact. Also, it offers a tilting feature. 

This model is made out of polyurethane cover (faux-leather) combined with a high-density mold shaping foam and a sturdy aluminum base. The warranty on this model is fantastic. Lifetime warranty on the frame, 2 years on the parts and last but not least, 1 year on the accessories. Even though this is a long lasting chair, it is always a good thing to have a solid warranty.

Ultimately, if it's your first time buying a chair for a taller person, this is a good option. It offers the top quality and comfort. In addition to providing a high maximum weight and height, it is one of our best options in this price range.

Click here for more information on the DXRacer OH/SJ00/NR


DXRacer OH/TS29/N $599.00 + Free Shipping!

The DXRacer OH/TS29/N Tank Series is an astonishing gaming chair. It has a design heavily inspired by racing car seats. This model is all black, so it can be combined with pretty much any colors to match your gaming station.

The TS29 is ergonomically designed to support the lower back and the neck of its users for several gaming hours. Similar to our previous pick, this model comes with an additional lumbar and headrest cushion, adding, even more, comfort for their users.

Unlike our previous pick, this model has a higher maximum weight capacity: 425 lbs ( 192.78 kg ). This is fantastic for bigger people. They can fully enjoy a high-quality gaming chair without sacrificing quality or features. While the maximum supported height is similar to the SJ00 model, this one is suggested for a maximum height of 6 ft 7 in ( 200 cm ).

DXRacer OH/TS29/N

This model is a perfect combination of a high-density mold foam and a PU leather covered material. Meaning this chair will last you a couple of years, especially if you take good care of it. Cleaning this chair is fairly easy. It's not necessary to use any specific products, but maintaining it may increase its lifespan for a couple of years.

Like most DXRacer chairs, this one offers a variety of cool features. One of the user's favorite option is the reclining backrest area that can go from 90 degrees to 120. 4-direction adjustable armrests, a tilting feature and a 360-degree swivel. The 3" casters (or wheels) are also perfect to move the chair easily without damaging the floor.

The warranty on this model is the same as our previous chair. Lifetime warranty on the frame, two years on the parts and one year on the accessories. Since we are an official retailer, all warranty claims are processed through us within 24h via emails. 

Overall, despite being the most expensive gaming seat on our list, the TS29 Tank series is an outstanding chair. It offers a combination of comfort, ergonomics, gorgeous look and a multitude of useful functions. 

Click here for more information on the DXRacer OH/TS29/N


AKRacing ProX (Blue) $549.00 + Free Shipping!

The third pick on our list, The AKRacing ProX. The ProX is an elegant looking chair that will give you the ultimate gaming chair experience in terms of comfort and ergonomics. For those who are not familiar with the AKRacing brand, it is one of the most recognized brands in the gaming chair market. They are mostly known for their outstanding warranty: 10-year on frame and 5-year on parts.

Ergonomics is an important part of gaming chairs and companies know it. That is the reason the AKRacing ProX used an advanced ergonomic design that provides superior cushioning and support for their users even after several hours of gaming.

Despite being a "tall" model, this chair can support to a maximum of 6 ft 2 in ( 188 cm ). On the other hand, the maximum weight is quite good, 275 lbs / 125 kg, to be exact. It is not enormous but very good for a gaming chair.

AKRacing ProX Blue

This chair is a good choice if you're the type of person to clean and maintain your belongings. This model is a perfect combination of cold-cured foam and a high-quality faux-leather (Polyurethane). As all our chairs on our website, this model also has a steel frame. This make the chair sturdy and well built to last years without any issues.

As you may already expect, this model comes with a free lumbar and headrest cushion. There are other cool functions this chair has to offer. Unlike the DXRacer picks on our list, this particular model can recline from 90 to 180 degree, which is great to take some breaks between gaming sessions. The armrest and height are adjustable as well. This model also has a multi-functional mechanism, which allows the seat to be locked while tilted.

The warranty on this model is one of the best in the market. Ten years for the frame warranty and five years on the parts. Unfortunately, there is no warranty on the accessories. While this is not as important as the warranty on parts, it is worth mentioning.

Overall, this is an excellent choice if you want an alternative to the DXRacer brand. The AKRacing ProX is a gorgeous looking chair, which will fit pretty good with your gaming station. It offers superior comfort that will support you for hours and hours, on top of being a reliable and long lasting model.

Click here for more information on the AKRacing ProX (Blue)


DXRacer OH/KS06/NB $469.00 + Free Shipping!

Last but not least, the DXRacer OH/KS06/NB. The chair truly feels like a throne when sitting on it, which is why it is named the King Series. This sleek looking chair will bring you an incredible gaming experience to the next level.

Let's start by the ergonomics of this chair. This model was specifically designed to support its users' back area and neck for long straight hours. As our other models in this list, it also come with 2 removable cushions (headrest + lumbar) for additional support.

While this chair offers over the top comfort, it lacks a little bit in the maximum height/weight category, despite being labeled as a "big and tall gaming chair". It's still able to support a maximum height of 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) and a maximum weight up to 275 lbs ( 124.74 kg ). 

DXRacer OH/KS06/NB

This model is made out of a high-density mold shaping foam, combined with a high-quality PU leather and Carbon Vinyl, making it a very beautiful gaming chair. Plus, if you don't abuse it and take good care of it, you will be able to keep it for several years, unlike lower quality gaming chairs.

Like all our previous picks, this one offers a variety of different functions that will enhance the user's experience to the next level. This model provides a reclining backrest area that can go from 90 degrees to 135. The height and armrest are adjustable as well. It also has the multi-functional mechanism with the tilt lock feature.

The OH/KS06/NB really stands out when it comes to the warranty, and here is why. If you purchase this model, you get a lifetime warranty on the frame, which is astonishing. 2 years on parts and 1 year on the accessories. Usually, a good product will also be backed by a good warranty.

Ultimately, this chair will bring you one of the most mind-blowing gaming chair experience. Thanks to it's over the top comfort, ergonomics, its many features and warranty. Keep in mind this chair has a kind of low maximum height support. If you're taller than 6 ft 3 inch, we'd recommend one of the picks above as their supported height is higher.

Click here for more information on the DXRacer OH/KS06/NB



This concludes our article about the best gaming chair for tall person. It can be a hard quest finding a suitable gaming chair for yourself, especially when you're a bigger person. Thanks to manufacturers and customer reviews, the task is less and less complicated.

Just remember the golden rules when shopping for a big and tall gaming chair: find one that will support your height and weight. Don't forget to look in the information/specs section for the maximum height and weight. Reading reviews from customers also helps, especially when the reviewers list their height and weight like on our website.

When that is done, you can look at what kind of features you are looking for (reclining backrest, adjustable armrest, tilting function etc.). That is why we carefully picked the best chairs for tall people. We want our users to be able to enjoy their favorite video game and at the same time to fully experience the joys of modern gaming chairs.

Do not forget to share and leave us a comment if you purchased a particular chair. We love to hear about customers feedback.