Benefits of gaming chairs

Since gaming chairs became popular, a question that is often is asked: Are gaming chairs truly beneficial? When searching for answers, opinions are often split. Either an article will praise gaming chairs or it has a strong preference for office chairs. We'll try to answer this question without any bias. Although we are a gaming chair store, we will not only cover the pros, but also the cons of gaming chairs compared to office chairs.


Are gaming chairs overrated?

Player on a gaming chair

Gaming chairs can have a reputation for being overrated. Depending on the brands, in some cases, you end up paying more for the brand name than the actual product and its features. When it's the case, yes it can feel that the gaming chair was not the price since, for a cheaper price, there are well-made office chairs with the same features and quality.

When reading articles claiming that gaming chairs are not worth it, they're often referring to brands that are priced above the average because of their popularity. The higher price increases the expectations, which can be disappointing since the features and quality don't always match with the higher price tag.

A lot of standard gaming chair brands are priced the same way as an office chair.  Ewin gaming chairs are a great example. They start at only $209, which matches the cost of most standard office chairs being sold on major furniture stores. However, even at only $209 (free shipping included), they come with a 2-year warranty on parts and a 10-year warranty on the frame. This is a great added value since most office chairs at that price range come with a 1 or 2-year warranty.

To answer the question: Not all gaming chairs are overrated, but some brands are charging more for the name tag than the quality or additional features. 



  • Unique & original design
  • Steel frame (in most cases)
  • Inclinable backseat (up to 180¬į in some cases)
  • A lot of adjustable parts: Armrests, cushions, height, tilt, tilt tension)
  • 2-year warranty on parts on most models and long (10+ years) on the frame
  • Heavy and sturdy (the lightest gaming chair can still weight around 50 lb while large gaming chairs can weight up to 80 lb)



  • Not truly ergonomic: All gaming chairs come with a lumbar cushion to help with¬†comfort, but without the cushion, the backseat doesn't have¬†an ergonomic design
  • The unique design isn't for everyone: Because of the "wings" on the side of the backseat and seat, it can be uncomfortable for users with broad shoulders or larger thighs, since those wings are part of the steel frame and are aesthetic, but not always practical
  • Knockoff everywhere: Because of the growing popularity of gaming chairs, there are a lot of knockoffs on the market. Please make sure you purchase from an authorized dealer to avoid spending a lot of money on a cheap copy.
  • Branding can be too much: Compared to office chairs, where the brand logo is not always obvious, gaming chairs have the opposite standard. The logo is everywhere. In most cases, it's at the top of the backseat, but also on the cushions and even the back. This can be a turn off to some people who want a discreet design.



Is a gaming chair the right choice for you?

AKRacing Max Series

Gaming chairs are glorified office chairs. Their purpose is simple: make comfortable for those long hours of studying, working, and gaming sessions. This is what's usually expected from a comfortable chair. If you're looking for a unique chair to add to your home office setup, then yes, a gaming chair is a great option to consider. If you're fully aware of what to expect, you won't be disappointed. Gaming chairs are truly comfortable. They are called gaming chairs for a reason: gamers are known to sit for hours. If you sit for more than 4h a day working on your computer, then a gaming chair can be a great investment, same as a good quality mattress. If you're spending so much time on it, may as well buy a good one, right? The warranty that comes with these chairs is also great since you're guaranteed to not have an issue within the warranty period.

What's also great is quality. No matter the price you pay, you will end up with the same quality. In most cases, the price difference models within the same brand is caused by only 1 factor: The size of the chair

For example, this cheaply priced Techni Sport gaming chair only cost $299. However, it has the same features and quality as this XL gaming seat (also made by Techni Sport), priced at $429. One is made for users up to 200 lb while the other can almost support double the weight (350 lb). 

Thus, you don't need to spend more money to get better quality products. The price gap is largely caused by the higher production cost caused by the larger frame, more foam padding, etc. In some cases, the price gap can also be caused by additional features (different armrests, different mechanisms). But usually, those differences are only responsible for a small price gap ($20 to $60).


What to expect when buying a gaming chair

Unfortunately, a gaming chair won't improve your K/D ration on Counter-Strike. However, it may help you be comfortable for long hours, that you can use to improve your skills! When buying a gaming chair, you shouldn't expect more than a comfortable seat and stylish design. A gaming chair is not meant to resolve major back pain, although it may definitely help, especially if you use the lumbar cushion. Basically, a gaming chair is a comfortable office chair that has a unique style. 

From experience, in most cases, a gaming chair can easily last 5+ years if well maintained. Since most chairs have a Polyurethane (Leatherette) cover, it's really easy to clean. No need for special products, simply water, and clean cloth. If the chair is exposed to the sun for years, the cover may start to crack after 3-5 years. In a normal environment, it can last for years without any issues. The foam inside usually can keep its shape even when used on a daily basis for 8h+.

What's most likely going to break? Probably the gas lift first. Usually, those can last years without any issues. However, if you do experience an issue with the gas cylinder (slowly going down when sitting, doesn't keep its height etc.), it can easily be replaced by a standard gas lift from Amazon. Usually, they sell for 10-$15. That is of course if you're outside the warranty, otherwise, the warranty covers it free of charge.



Gaming chairs are a great investment if you sit for long hours. These chairs can easily last for 5+ years in a normal environment, even when used for 8h+ a day. Although they're not truly ergonomic (for most of them), the included lumbar cushion helps add comfort to the seat. When buying a gaming chair, look for one that fits your body type, without focusing too much on the price. Getting a more expensive chair doesn't mean it's made of better materials; it simply means it's larger than the other ones. You can save a lot of money by shopping for a chair made for your weight and height instead of going for the most expensive gaming seat expecting it to be better than what you really need. We made it really easy to shop for gaming chairs using different filters including suggested height and weight, but also features and brands.