Are gaming chairs worth it?

Are gaming chairs worth it? A question we often see in the gaming communities. In our days, the only "gaming chair" we had were standard office chair that can be found in any corporate office.

The newer generation of gamers are all over these modern gaming chairs, but that does not mean they are the best options for players. To be honest, it depends on what you are looking for in a gaming chair. Do you need a chair that can support you for hours or simply use it for a few minutes per day?

Do you want a multitude functions? Are you in need of a stylish chair to complete your gaming stations? As you see, it all depends on your personal preferences and what you are looking for in a gaming chair. Not everyone is looking for a flashy looking chair.

With that being said, we will look at the different reasons and benefits of owning a gaming chair. Who knows? Maybe old school gamers will do the transition from standard office chair to these modern gaming car chairs.


Health Benefits (Comfort and Ergonomics)

Yes, that is right! Gaming chairs can bring you many health benefits. Most gaming chairs, even the cheapest ones, are ergonomically designed. You could say its in the industries standards to compete vs. other manufacturers.

The majority of models provides a high-backrest area, perfect to support your lower back and neck area. However, be careful. You need to read the information about the suggested maximum height supported. If you get a chair too small for your height, you may end up having neck pain as the head pillow may not align properly.

Most gaming chairs come with a free lumbar and headrest cushion, as a free bonus. That adds an extra layer of comfort. Of course, you can take them off if you'd prefer.

It is essential to keep a good posture while sitting for hours on a gaming chair. You might not feel it at a young age, but when you get older, you will start to feel pain and complication if you kept a bad posture for years.

DXRacer OH/FH11/NB
DXRacer OH/FH11/NB during a live event sponsored by Chairs4Gaming

Hence the importance of purchasing an ergonomic gaming chair that will support your back and neck area. Also, some cool functionalities can provide extra support such as tilting feature and reclinable backrest area. Some models even have an integrated footrest.

Bad chairs can also disturb your blood circulation. You might of already experience that feeling. You know when you sit in a particular position for hours then you decide to move but your legs are asleep due to not having a good blood circulation.

So to counter this effect, gaming chair companies have designed soft and rounded seat edges to prevent any discomfort to your legs. Meaning, you will less likely develop numbness and tingles in your legs.

Also, you will not have to worry about cramping. Most models are made out of memory foam. The density of the foam will change depending on the suggested weight it is made for. The chair is often covered by a type of faux leather, also called PU leather but we also have chairs with fabric covers.

PU leather is designed to last a long time and not crack quickly, even when used daily for years. Besides, this material is very soft and comfortable even after long hours of sitting.

Of course, you need to take care of your chair. It's not necessary to use any specific products, unless it is often damaged with sharp objects, claws etc. 

As you can see, a good gaming chair can bring you a lot of health benefits wile bringing comfort and ergonomic to a whole new level.



The second most important point after the comfort and ergonomic, at least for us, are the functions. Compared to the standard office chair, gaming chairs comes with a multitude of cool and useful features.

You won't necessarily need these options to enjoy your favorite video game, but they will bring an extra "coolness" effect to its users.

Probably the most appreciated features by users¬†is the reclining backrest. Most of the time,¬†the backseat can be adjustable to an angle of up to 135¬į.¬†A great function to use when you want to take it slow and just play a relaxing video game or to watch a movie or even to just take a quick nap before your next big online match.

DXRacer chair used during a tournament
DXRacer chair being used during a live tournament

When it comes to armrests adjustment, we have to give this category to DXRacer's as they make the most amazing customizable armrests.

Standard armrest usually goes up and down, but the DXRacer's ones can be adjusted to such a height that the armrests and your elbow joints can form right angles to support its users.

Speaking about adjustments, most gaming chairs will allow its users to adjust the height of the seat to accommodate the heights of office and computer desks. Depending on the brand of the chair, some models can go higher than others. Generally speaking, you should not have any problems with the height unless you go with a chair that is significantly too short for you. Please make sure you check the suggested height limit when purchasing a gaming chair.

All gaming chairs have a star-shaped base. This allows the users to use the base as a comfortable footrests. Some chairs have larger casters/wheels (3") that allows a smoother movement of the chair, especially on carpet. All wheels are made of PU to prevent any damages to the floor.

The base of these chairs allows you to do a 360-degree swivel, making it a handy option to reply to your mom without leaving the comfort of your chair.

Most modern gaming chairs include a tilting mechanism. It is very similar to reclining but to a certain degree. The lever is found under the chair. Some chairs have a multi-functional mechanism, which allows to lock the seat in a tilted angle. Perfect feature when leaning back to watch a movie.


Time Spent sitting on it

This point is unique to each individual. The time spent sitting on your chair is a crucial factor when purchasing a gaming chair.

If you're only sitting on it for one or two hours a day, a gaming chair might not be the best option you need. You could go for a cheaper alternative. However, if you still decide to purchase a gaming chair, you will be sure that it will last you a while. Also, in case you start sitting for longer period of times, you will not have to purchase a new chair since you will already have a chair made to be used for 8h+ per day.

"You get a great comfortable place to sit for your hours and hours of gaming" - StagVT on YouTube

On the other hand, users who sit for long hours see a gaming chair as a long-term investment. No matter if it's for gaming, working or simply browsing the internet. If someone plans to be seated for 4h+ per day, a good chair can prevent back pain and discomfort. Also, with the lifetime warranty on frame and 2-year warranty on parts, you are assured that the chair will last a few years without any issues.

As mentioned above, sitting for long periods of time on a chair that is not comfortable may lead to some discomfort.

Once again, this points depends on each user. Depending on how your comfort is important to you, a good gaming chair may be a great investment in the medium and long term.


It can help improve your gameplay

This won't improve your skills to be able to play at a pro level but believe us. It can help. How might you wonder? Let us explain.

By having an ergonomic gaming chair that fully supports you, you will feel less stress on your neck and spine making your stress level drop. With the different adjustable functions available, there is always a way to find the perfect configuration that fits your body type. That is one of the reasons why we see professional gamers use these kinds of chairs. 

Did you know Chairs4Gaming

They also provide enough comfort so you can relax when getting angry at a particular video game. We often rage when we lose ranked matches in video games, and that affects our gameplay.

So if a comfortable gaming chair can help us relax thanks to its incredible comfort, why not?

Keep in mind you won't become a professional gamer if you decide to purchase a gaming chair. Skills and practice will always be the most crucial factor to improve gameplay, but a comfortable gaming chair may help you.


The Price

When we see or hear "gaming chairs" we often think about their high price, at least for a majority of people that is. As the years passed, more and more companies started to rise up and created gaming chair that would be accessible to everyone. 

Customer review

Most budget chair tends to crack faster or the foam "sinks" in after a while. This can results in changing your chair every few months. After a few years, the cost of regular changing an office can quickly add up.

Although gaming chairs are usually more expensive than regular office chairs, they are made to last. While gaming chairs use memory foam to prevent the seat to lose its shape and form, they also come with longer warranty period. A manufacturer would not offer a 5-year warranty on parts (AKRacing) on a product that they believe would not last more than that. A high-quality chair can last a couple of years, where a cheaper has a shorter lifespan.

If you only play casually or you're on a budget, you could go for a cheaper gaming chair. These chairs are also meant to last, but the supported height and weight is usually low compared to higher priced chairs.



This concludes our article on are gaming chairs worth it. For us, gaming chairs are worth every penny as they are meant to be used daily and can last years without any issues. Plus, we think the gaming community is slowly transitioning to gaming chairs over office chairs.

Modern gaming chairs are an upgraded version of the traditional office chair. They are designed ergonomically to fully support its users for an extended period thanks to their high backrest area and memory foam that doesn't lose its shape and form.

They offer a variety of cool functions that can enhance their user's gaming experience. Most are made out of high-quality material, all that at an affordable price.

Plus, you can use them for others things as well. You can use them while working from home or if you're a Twitch streamer or a Youtube content creator. You can recline the backrest area and watch your favorite TV show, or simply relax after a long day of work.

We hope our article has helped you see if gaming chairs are worth it and if you will do the transition from standard office chairs to gaming chairs.