If you looked at our DXRacer Guide, you may have noticed that some users can have multiple choices depending on their height and weight. If you are under 5'11 and weight less than 220 lbs, the best option for you is the DXRacer D series or the F Series. We decided to write about the differences between these 2 series so you can make the best decision.

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DXRacer D series vs DXRacer F series

As you can see, there are fairly similar in size. The height of the F series is slightly higher while the width of the D series is slightly larger. Because of the small difference in sizing, this should not affect your decision.

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DXRacer cushions Footrest base Backseat  Armrests Weight limit


Regarding the features of these 2 series, they are equally the same. As you can see, they both come with 2 cushions (lumbar and headrest), a five-star shaped base to rest your feet, an adjustable backseat, adjust height, adjustable armrests (height only) and the 265 lbs limit. 

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DXRacer D seriesDXRacer F series
The DXRacer D Series (on the left) is a SOHO model. It is made to better fit a professional/clean office. The DXRacer F series (on the right) is a gaming chair model which is similar to racing seats used in sports cars. There is no good or bad answer. You need to go with the design you prefer.
We choose 2 black models to compare them to make it easier to see the differences. However, they have plenty of choices of colors and designs.
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If you are 5'11 or less and weight less than 220 lbs, you can go with the DXRacer D series or the DXRacer F series. Your decision will depend on the design and look that you prefer since they share the same features and the main difference is the style and design.