If you have been shopping for a new office chair, you may have seen chairs listed as “gaming chairs” like on our website. It probably created more questions than answered the one you already had. This will help you better understand the difference.

Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is an office chair inspired by racing car seats and specially made to be used during long gaming hours (7h or more). They have a high back for head support and adjustable backseat and armrests. They also come in a variety of racing car designs and colors, which is more appealing to the gamer audience. However, because of the original designs and colors, it is not unusual to see them in a corporate environment, especially in the IT and car industries.

An office chair, on the other hand, is the type of chair we are used to seeing in home and corporate offices. They usually have a neutral/dark color (grey, black, brown, etc.) and have a mid back compared to a high back for head support. The big advantage of office chairs is the low price. You can find office chairs for as low as $30, but they can go for over $1000 as well depending on the quality and brand. However, at the low-price point, you can usually expect no features, limited or no warranty, and discomfort after 2-4 hours.

That being said, the term gaming chairs is mostly used to target gamers so they know that the chair is made to be used for a long gaming session. A normal office chair may not offer the same features and comfort for long hours.  If you are a gamer and you are looking for an improvement to the most important part of your desk setup, a gaming chair would be a good addition.

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