Every month, we receive a lot of sponsorship requests from teams and streamers. The problem is that we are only able to reply to about 5% of the applications we receive. 95% of them are incomplete and do not give us enough information to analyze the sponsorship application and how we can help.

As described on our eSports page, we only ask for 6 important elements to be included in the applications:

- Nickname

- URLs for all relevant websites

- Number of hours per week (streaming)

- Average number of viewers

- Length of time streaming (1 year, 2 years, etc.)

- Any other relevant details that would make us want to say YES to your application

To our surprise, almost all the emails we receive do not contain half of what we ask for. At first, when we were receiving 2-5 applications per month, we were able to reply to the incomplete applications to get more details about their “brand.” Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to do that anymore because we now receive around 150 applications per month, and we would have to reply to all of them to get more details to build a proper application to pass to the rest of the team.

We read all of the applications we receive. The few who have details and stats about their team or stream all get a reply from us since it shows that they are serious and well prepared. 

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Here is another blog post by the CEO of Chairs4Gaming on how to apply for eSports sponsorships.