• Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018

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    Financing will be available on all Black Friday sales!

    Black Friday DXRacer and AKRacing 2018

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  • Best gaming chair for tall person

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    Finding the perfect gaming chair is already a hard task. Now imagine if you're taller than 6'0", it gets even harder. Nothing to worry though, you'd really have to worry if we were 10 years ago. Because once gaming chairs were first introduced on the market companies didn't provide "XL models" for their users.

    Fortunately for us, as the popularity of gaming chair rose, manufacturers are starting to create larger models of their original design. Basically, they are the same as the original model, same material, same features, same warranty, but with a higher maximum weight and maximum height capacity. Luckily for you we got them on our site!

    Which is excellent because gamers come in all shape and size, and in our opinion, modern gaming chairs should be accessible to everyone despite their height and weight. We believe that every gamer should be able to experience the ultimate gaming chair experience while playing their favorite video game.

    Companies like DXRacer and AKRacing are some of the popular names in the list of successful manufacturers of gaming chairs for a tall person. As you might expect, these "big and tall gaming chairs" cost a little bit more than their standard model, but still, come at an affordable price.

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  • Fiancing is now available! (DXRacer, AKRacing and more)

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    When buying a gaming chair, one of the main concern we may have is the price. For a long time, we tried to find the best solution we can offer to our clients. A simple, easy but most importantly, free financing option.

    It is now possible!


    The advantages:

    - No interest and no administration fee

    - Get your chair right away, pay later

    - Easy small monthly payments

    - Same warranty and customer support


    Why pay now when you can pay later? Starting today, you can finance any gaming chair we have on our website, no matter the brand (DXRacer, AKRacing, Cougar, EWin and Techni Sport). You can pay in 4 small interest-free payments while you enjoy your new chair. Yes that is correct: interest-free. That means that at the end of your payments, the total amount you paid will be the same as the value of your gaming chair. We don't charge any fees for that option. We use Sezzle as our financing solution. They helped us setup that financing option for our clients.

    Since the financing option is integrated in our store, you don't have to do anything prior your order. You simply fill the payment form as usual on our website and when you arrive on the payment page, you will see the Financing option. You will then be asked some questions so you can be qualified. 


    How it works:

    1. Browse our gaming chair catalog and add to your cart the chair you would like to buy

    2. During the checkout process, select Sezzle as your payment method

    3. Fill a few simple questions to get approved

    4. That's it! You will then receive your chair as usual


    For more details, please check our FAQs here.

    If you have any questions about this payment method, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support department and we will be happy to assist you.

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  • Are gaming chairs worth it?

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    Are gaming chairs worth it? A question we often see in the gaming communities, especially for the older generation of gamers, like us. In our days the only "gaming chair" we had were standard office chair that can be found in any corporate office.

    The newer generate of gamers are all over these modern gaming chairs, but that does not mean they are the best options for players. To be honest, it depends on what you are looking for in a gaming chair. Do you need a chair that can support you for hours?

    Do you need a multitude of cool functions? Are you in need of a stylish chair to complete your gaming stations? As you see, it all depends on your personal preferences and what you are looking for in a gaming chair.

    With that being said, we will overlook the different reasons and benefits of owning a gaming chair. Who knows, maybe old school gamers will do the transition from standard office chair to these modern gaming car chairs.

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  • Cheapest Gaming Chairs (2017)

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    Cheapest gaming chair


    Nowadays gaming chairs have become quite popular, to the point where even casual gamers want to make the transition from the standard office chair to the cool looking gaming chair. When we see the term "gaming chair" we automatically think these types of chairs cost a fortune and are not accessible to everyone. Wrong! In fact, you can find fantastic gaming chairs without breaking your budget.


    Below you will find Four of the cheapest gaming chairs on our site, keep in mind, cheap does not necessarily mean it is low quality. The chairs in our article can be compared to the higher tiered gaming chairs, with some slight differences of course.

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